Welcome Aboard!

“You simply can’t take a long haired dog to the tropics!”  Mrs. Glubner, my next door neighbor, clenched her fists. Standing akimbo she stomped on the wooden deck for emphasis.  “It’s too hot and there are exotic bugs in the jungles.” She leaned closer. Looking quickly from side to side she whispered, “and besides, they eat dogs down there!”  Jolting backward I glanced down at the fluffy ball of fur at my feet.  Unaware he might be served up as a heathen appetizer, Kip McSnip gave me a goofy dog grin and spun his feathery tail in circles.

I spent several nights wide awake thinking about my neighbor’s warning.  Maybe she was right.  Maybe I couldn’t travel with a long-haired dog – especially to the tropics.  Kip McSnip was my first puppy and I really didn’t know much about dogs.  On the other hand, he was my best buddy.  We’d gone through a frightening, expensive bout of parvo together.  I watched him graduate from puppy obedience school (with high honors). He’d moved from a bundle of fur-covered silliness, to a smart, well-behaved companion. We were family. We had to stay together.

I made my decision.  Sweltering heat, strange insects and pet munching natives be dashed –we were going to the Caribbean!


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